Dr. Lori Buckley

*Working with Dr. Buckley has been an amazing experience. She taught me how to nurture the parts of my relationship that needed tenderness. But in a beautiful dichotomy she also challenges me to wake up to the experience of growth through hard work. I would recommend her to any couple that is struggling with issues of intimacy. She really knows her stuff!

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*Dr. Lori, Thank you for all your help and for facilitating change in our marriage. We welcomed a beautiful baby girl to the world last month and couldn't be happier. I still see remnants of our sessions and tools you taught us to use and I know that if we never went through that really difficult time, we wouldn't have made it here. We both talk about how rough that period was and how thankful we are for your help and for each other.

​​*Dr. Lori Buckley is a brilliant and caring person who has changed my life in many ways in regards to interpersonal relationships!  Although she is highly educated, her approach is very down-to-earth, enabling her client to understand issues that might otherwise seem daunting.  Dr. Buckley has a deep well of experience with couples and individuals and makes you feel cared for and listened to.  If you have conflicts that are difficult to discuss or articulate, she uses her kind manner and warmth to make you feel comfortable. I would give her a six-star rating if it were possible.  She will change the way you think and feel about yourself and others.

*My husband and I came to Dr. Lori hoping for a miracle. After the first few sessions, to my amazement, Lori helped us see, and then feel that our love was still there, alone we couldn't have done that. Her approach was fair and non- judgmental, she always spent time where it was needed with a very personal and caring touch. She helped us understand ourselves and each other. I truly believe that Dr. Lori has a unique skill set and approach that could benefit and enrich all individuals, and couples to reach whatever level they desire in their relationships.

*Dr. Buckley is an amazing therapist. Her insight, experience and compassion have helped me become a better man. A more considerate and loving man, and for that I'm deeply grateful.  

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*It's obvious that Dr. Lori's mission in life is to help people achieve healthy self-love and harmonious relationships. Not only is she compassionate and loving, she is also open-minded and progressive. Dr. Lori has a joyful and beautiful spirit who makes sessions something to look forward to. I highly recommend Dr. Lori Buckley to anyone who needs support and clarity in the realm of relationships. She is a five-star therapist!!