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Looking for Love… and More Podcast

Do you desire more love & passion in your life? Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this show will inform you, enlighten you and empower you to find the love & passion you desire.

Looking for Love…and More” is hosted by Dr. Lori Buckley, a relationship & sex expert who has made helping people live more satisfying lives her life’s work.

21 Decisions For Great Sex And A Happy Relationship

Before you make the decision to end your relationship, make the decision to read this book instead.

Internationally known relationship and sex expert Dr. Lori Buckley gives you specific, easy steps to improve your sex life and your relationship.

All it takes is one decision to change the direction of your relationship and your life. This book provides 21 decisions with action steps to get you started. Included are 10 effective exercises used in Dr. Buckley’s private practice.

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I’m Not “In Love” Anymore

Why do so many couples fall out of love? The symptoms of a relationship where one or both partners feel that they are no longer “in love” and the reasons people grow apart are typically the same. They stop acting in loving ways, no longer spend alone time together,...

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Sexual Desire

"Desire is not a destination: We connect with our desire by uncovering what is already inside of us." — Dr. Lori Buckley Is the thrill gone from your relationship? Do you feel like you would rather watch TV than have sex, and that everyone you know, and certainly...

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